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In today’s world we are seeing  dramatic impact of Internet and digital marketing on consumer buying behavior and business transformation. your buyers are searching for and earn information  from buying online products and your rivals are trying to have more powerful presence in Internet and digital marketing .and after passing months some customers contact with us that in past they had redesign their site many times  or hire digital marketing staff and after months the results were not what they were expecting. yes unfortunately, superficial/simplistic attitudes towards professional affairs and cooperation with non-professional companies will be a waste of time and cost  without any result.

Digital Marketing requires a dedicated and professional team of IT professionals, programmers, strategists, multimedia, marketers and graphic designers. In addition,  should not design a digital marketing site and campaign without  analyze the specific needs of each customer, the nature of each product or service, the target market, and so forth, or for all businesses, a consistent digital marketing approach and strategy used.

Selin Web Designs a Dedicated Proposal for Your Business by using Experienced Professionals. after that with searching and analyzing your business completely and taking into account other specialized digital marketing items, will develop full plan and specific of digital marketing . Providing all the specialized digital marketing services focused on SelinWeb will make you free from outsource of every part of digital marketing to smaller agencies, inconsistencies and other problems ahead. Selin digital marketing agency with best quality of products specialize in digital marketing surely recommend you your disturbance about digital marketing is ended. just focus on the product or service you are offering and enjoy your vacation.


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Design and development

Analyze and Optimization


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Design and development

  • Web Design
  • App Design

Analyze and Optimization

  • SEO
  • UX
  • Google Analytics

Digital Marketing

  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Social Media Marketing


  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Online Advertising

Why SelinWeb?

Full Service


Now days ,digital marketing has special level and importance. The rising trend of positive results from digital marketing services in the world indicates that traditional advertising will be completely replaced by digital marketing. We help you to insure your business.

Being Up To Date

Selinweb with Using the most up-to-date and complete available methods available, is working to help you get the highest conversion rate of visitors to your customers and thus the highest return on your business and  use all  up to date tools in this way.

Commitment and Expertise

We are fully committed to your trust, and we strive to develop and execute the most appropriate strategies for your business with the help of experts and the most capable team in all ways, and make you achieve your dream in the best way.

Long Term Friendship

One of our most important services is to support your projects. As the project finishes, a new phase of our partnership with you begins as support.

.You are not alone and SelinWeb will always be by your side

Alphabet of Kindness Charity

SelinWeb, as a non-political and nongovernmental digital marketing agency, is working to help needy students to cultivate support for underprivileged students and in line with the goals of social responsibility and vision.  Statistics released by UNESCO show that about 263 million children and adolescents drop out of school because of poverty and lack of education facilities. This is a major catastrophe globally because these children are exposed to social harm from an early age due to lack of proper education and this is a serious threat to societies.

 Our programs generally fall into two categories:

 1- Providing stationery and other necessities of life for poor students

 2- Improving students’ knowledge of IT and Digital Marketing

 Hoping that our small steps will grow larger and take valuable steps towards humanity.